Each client has different needs and each time we produce different ideas, however we have organized four basic proposals in order to make you understand what we can do for you.

Art for business events

Art for business events designs and organizes special projects based on contemporary art, seen as a communication tool able to generate value, create interest and build relationships. Art puts into contact people and generates and spreads contents across organizations and beyond, with surprising strenght and immediacy.
Art for business was designed to tell the company’s products and services, history and values through art, the most powerful storytelling tool.

Do you want some examples to get a clearer idea?

We support you in redefining your corporate image, we organize exhibitions and private events inside the company, exhibitions and public events for celebrations and anniversaries, we provide consulting for the creation of the company art collection and awards and for setting up and managing the company museum; we develop relationships with key partners in local territory, networks and institutions.
This service is particularly recommended if you aim at strengthening your brand image and reputation, building strong relationships with clients and any other stakeholder.

Art for your visual identity

Art for your visual identity designs and carries out the visual identity of your business by engaging Art is a biz’s artists. From redesigning the corporate image to curating the products catalogue, the project is run by painters, illustrators and photographers and adapted to different formats by professional graphics. Your company history, values and contents become the graphic lines that signify, define and communicate your visual identity.

Do you want some examples to get a clearer idea?

We design or restyle your logo, websites, newsletters and banners, design catalogues and any other paper communication materials, but we also design and manage marketing operations and events, brand positioning projects and product positioning in specific communities.

This service is particularly recommended if you aim at bringing innovation inside your company: innovating your product, work process, relationships, selling models.

Art for the office

Art for the office is the service we have designed for those companies wishing to promote their own corporate identity by taking contemporary art to workplaces. Far from being only a simple interior design facility, our team works side by side with you to tell your identity and values, to discuss ideas and needs, to build up together a personalized project able to impress customers and staff.

Do you want some examples to get a clearer idea?

We recover and embellish corporate interior spaces and external buildings, we support you in setting up fairs and showrooms, we provide consulting for the creation of company art collections.

If you are an architecture or design firm or a furniture store, we also offer advice to your customers: privates, stores, hotels, restaurants, companies who want to take art inside their residential or working places.

Art for the staff

We do think that involving people who daily works in the company is important.
Art for the staff offers a training service that helps the company to facilitate the out of the box thinking and the learning process of cross-competences through the specificity of the artistic process.
We introduce artistic thinking inside the offices and the meeting rooms to work on the individual and relational business dynamics, to overcome the resistance to change and encourage the adoption of side thinking.
By using the artist’s capabilities to produce new meanings and fresh connections, we support the company in internal communication and in developing the staff’s engagement activities.

Do you want some examples to get a clearer idea?

• we develop creative thinking, side thinking and problem solving
• we facilitate brainstorming processes
• we work on leadership and team building, facilitating relationships and making the team closer
• we support change management to teach how to manage changes and internal crises