art is a biz

Art is a biz creates, organizes and coordinates projects for companies that would like to communicate their history in an innovative and unconventional way.

Art is a biz projects are designed in order to reflect the corporate identity, to tell about values and products, to involve clients, targets and employees; they are tailored to precise and conceived objectives and, because of this, they are different for each organization.

Events, fairs, advertising campaigns but also offices, meeting rooms and productions departments become the right place and the right occasion to experience nontraditional forms of communication through art-based tailored projects able to create and spread value.

Why choosing art to communicate?

  • Because art strengthens the company relationships with local and target communities, media, stakeholders, clients, suppliers, but also with its employees and collaborators, thanks to specially made events and exhibitions.
  • Because art acts positively on your positioning: wherever it comes in, art brings culture and elegance. If you seek higher level target clients, you must take it into consideration. Art investments are perceived as signs of quality and they contribute to define a market place that distinguishes itself by unique benefits of brand or product.
  • Because art enhances your reputation: in a country like Italy, where culture and art are a precious resource but where someone may sometimes speak irrelevantly about it, to invest in art-based communication projects makes the company gain fresh and wider visibility and more powerful echo on media.
  • Because art fully differentiates your company from competitors: being different and special, going on to be in your costumers’ hearts and minds… Isn’t it what you want?

Art is a powerful and innovative storytelling tool that supports companies in several areas:

in communication and in building relationships with clients and targets, suppliers and reference community
in internal communication by setting up interior spaces, showrooms and external buildings
in the staff’s training activities, by developing planning skills and problem solving abilities, creativity and relationships within the teamwork.

Do you want to find out what we can do for you? At least four different services.

"True art is never where it is expected to be: in the place where no one considers it, nor names it."

Jean Dubuffet


Each client has different needs and each time we produce different ideas, however we have organized four basic proposals in order to make you understand what we can do for you.

Art is a biz, Art for events
Art is a biz, art for identity
Art is a biz, art for office
Art is a biz, art for staff


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